A Long Thought

Another poem straight from my brain to the page. An average thought process that flows through my head. Considering all different angles of a feeling, why I’m feeling that way, and how to control when the feeling comes and goes.

My heart beats hard
My heart beats fast
Can’t stop smiling
My face hurts
But I can’t stop, I don’t want to stop.
I bite my nails
I twirl my hair
I drum my fingers
I want to scream,
Jump on my bed,
Dance around
I don’t move.
In fear this feeling will leave.
I’m scared it will leave.
Why am I thinking of it leaving?
Now I feel it leaving.
The fear of this feeling leaving my body is making this feeling leave.


Just be in the moment.
Enjoy the feeling
Bask in it
Relax and embrace it
How do I embrace it?
Where is this feeling coming from?
What am I feeling?
Is this love or simply excitement??

Goddamn. I’m thinking again.

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