An Immense Waste of Time

I wrote a poem. It doesn’t rhyme. It doesn’t have a specific format. It’s just what came to mind during my “Preparation for study abroad” class. Ironic because I am studying abroad… Just thought I’d share.

On this chair, hand in hair
thinking about a million
the world is small
life is short
or at least that’s what I keep hearing.

If life is short
and we’ve gotta do as much
as we can
then why am I hearing
for the third time that
I need to learn about

We live, we learn, we adapt, that’s
how life works.
That’s natural selection.
You don’t adapt, you die.
Or at least that’s the theory.

We’ll figure it out when
we get there, thank you.
We only need to hear it once.

Life is short.

But I’m sitting here at 8 am
blankly listening, watching the sunrise, listening to
a teacher tell me to

So thank you school,
for forcing me to come
to this class to “learn”
something I’ve already
lived and will live again
and again in the future.

You’ve immensely wasted
my time.

(Though I keep being reminded by you
that I don’t have a lot of it.)

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