Alright brace yourselves, this article is about to get deep. Time for real talk.

With everything that has happened since I made this big move, I’ve started to realize that I believe in the idea of destiny more and more. Now don’t go clicking out of this article just yet. By destiny I don’t mean that everyone has a set path in their life and that people’s futures can’t be changed. At least I don’t believe that. I believe more in the ripple effect. The idea that the decisions you make, make your future, and that it’s not set in stone. You make what you want of your life. But that’s not really what I want to talk about, I more want to talk about the idea that everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that more and more everyday.

When I first moved to France, obviously it was very difficult. But looking back I’m extremely grateful. For the bad times and the good. I’ve learned something from everything. I cried just about everyday for 3 months when I first moved. Not having friends, not knowing the culture, and not knowing the language was difficult. But I already feel those 3 months of pain paying off. Right now I’m in Biarritz. It was a similar move because I knew no one coming to Biarritz. I honestly didn’t even know what kind of work I would be doing and much about the city. But since I already lived the tough experience of moving to a new place and knowing no one, I am more able to control my emotions and understand that it just takes time. I’m also much more comfortable talking to strangers and making friends. Unfortunately, the majority of the people I have been meeting here are on vacation so they leave soon after we meet and then I’m back to square one. But at least I’m putting myself out there. I’m certain that I wouldn’t have the same confidence if I hadn’t had to live the same thing when moving to La Rochelle. That’s my idea of destiny. Living hard experiences to learn about and find the strengths and weaknesses in myself to live a better future.

One thing that I have a hard time grasping though is the idea that sometimes it’s destiny for people to not be in your life anymore. Even the people that I’ve been meeting here that I spend a week hanging out with, I have a hard time understanding that I most likely will never see them again and they will not be in my life. Does that happen for a reason? It sometimes gets difficult finding reasoning for the loss we endure. Granted I haven’t known these people for very long but this goes for any loss. I assume that losing touch with these people is making me stronger by helping me understand what it is to lose someone on a small-scale to prepare me for losing people on a large-scale in the future. Though I don’t like to think about that. Like I said sometimes I find myself having a hard time finding reasoning. It’s not always easy, but overall it helps me find the positives hidden in the negatives.

I’m beginning to truly believe that this is my destiny. Being in France and getting the opportunity to meet people from all over and to visit different places. That is what I’m supposed to be doing. Even if it means sometimes being lonely, losing touch with people, losing things and so on. I’m still learning about myself and what I believe in. But for the moment I believe that in order to be happy you have to try to find the good in bad. I don’t know if that’s the exact definition of destiny. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s not. All I know is that I feel like right now I am were I am destined to be becuase of what I’ve lives. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I like to think that everything happens for a reason and that my life will end up how it’s supposed to.

I know I’m young but my advice is; make what you want of your life. Good and bad will come with the decisions you make, but you will learn from everything. About who you are, what you like, where you’re meant to be, what you’re meant to do… If you never try you’ll never find these things. You can’t await your destiny, you must find it. It may sound cheesy but there’s some sense behind these cheesy quotes…

I hope you’re feeling inspired and that you get out there and do you.

Disclaimer: By “doing you” I don’t mean go out and do dangerous and really stupid shit. Obviously.

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