Do I want to go back?

The question that I’ve gotten asked the most since I’ve been here as been, “How do you like France?” And as you guys can probably tell by reading my other articles, I don’t love it. Sure it’s probably because I’m still getting used to it and there’s a lot of stuff that I still have to learn but it just feels like it’s not for me.

So, after I explain why I don’t love France to people they tend to ask me if I’m going to go back or if I’m going to try to transfer to a school in the states. And as tempting as it sounds to transfer schools and move back to America, I feel like I can’t give up. Even though France might not be the country for me in the future I am learning a ton living there. Not just the language, the culture and how to live on my own. But also so much about myself. All of the things I have written in this blog have been about things that I have pretty much just learned from living like an average person in France.

As much as it tempts me to apply to school back in the U.S. and live the American college experience, I don’t think I should. First, it will be far more expensive. Second, there are things that I do like about being in France and I think I would miss if I moved back. And last, I realize that I’m lucky that i get to travel while I’m young. Sure I have to study and live in France but I have the proximity of all of Europe and the opportunity to see all of it while I’m young so I should take advantage it as much as I can. I am loving every minute that I’ve spent back home and as much as I want to stay with my friends and family in Torrance, I will be moving back to France.

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