American’s thoughts on France

Around Christmas time I put up some questions on my instagram story regarding my friends opinions on France. I thought after hearing a French person’s opinion on America you might want to hear the opposite opinion, that of American’s who have not been to France yet.

  1. What do you think of French food? Most people responded to this question with “yummy”, “so good”, “really good” or even “the most delicious” which is exactly what I think of when I think of French food so props to anyone who said that. @amanda_aguilo, @coradowney and __emiliaa mentioned the fact that they “honestly just think of baguettes”, “feel like it’s all carbs” and that the “bread seems yum”. Yes people, that is pretty spot on (refer to article “Pasta and Bread will make you fat”) #carboverload. Another thing is that the food is not meant for a vegan or even a vegetarian. @cm_milroy said that she wishes “a vegan could eat more” and @pearicaa said that it’s fancy and all but it’s just “not very vegetarian or vegan friendly”. Some other opinions were that it seems like “there’s weird textures” (@sofiiaroberts) and that they eat “a lot smaller portions” (@jaclyn.tucker). @corinneroliver thinks that the French diet consists of “lots of dessert and not a lot of veggies”. While @karinksasaki just thinks “snails”. @karinksasaki, that’s what I thought too before I moved there. I’m surprised no one mentioned the wine or cheese…
  2. In your opinion what are french people like? Unfortunately there were lots of negative ideas here… Most things were along the lines of “judgmental/cold”, “rude/self-righteous”, “snobby”, “weird”, “mean” and “sassy” (@emilystevanus, @coradowney, @jaclyn.tucker, @jennahalliwell, @megankianaaa, @nasimrezai_). Remember these are all people that haven’t been to France yet so don’t get offended French readers. Honestly, I agree with some of those it’s just part of the culture. And not everyone is like that. On the other hand @emma.waldinger thinks that French people are “classy” and @rach.ella thinks that they are “Hottttiess”. Got a couple of opposing opinions from @alexarousal who said that French people seem “timid” while @corinneroliver said she thinks they are “friendly and outgoing”. I guess you guys will have to go to France and see for yourself! Lastly, @cole.chiv referenced Taladega Nights saying that he things French people are all “like the gay guy” in the movie… I haven’t seen it but maybe you guys will get the reference.
  3. What’s the weirdest thing about French culture? One thing that I agree with is @claffylaffy’s response, “how they hate American’s”. I’d love is someone that’s French would explain that to me, I honestly don’t think we’re that bad… 3 people responded with “snails” (@karinsasaki, @_maceeeyy_, @cm_milroy). I mean that is weird, but like @_maceeeyy said I get it because really good. @coradowneyy said that it’s weird how everyone smoked cigarettes (read “New Opinion: Cigarettes” for more). @_kristenmae_ thinks that “kissing each other’s as a greeting” is strange. And trust me that is weird… I remember when someone first tried that with me I was like “uh whoa that’s a little forward”. @emma.waldinger doesn’t understand why “everyone’s obsessed with bread”. All I have to say @emma.waldinger is that try some French bread and then get back to me because I think I’m a little obsessed.
  4. What would you say is a French person’s favorite food? I got 9 people that said “bread”, 3 people that said “cheese”, 3 “croissants”, 2 “crepes”, 1 “raclette”, 1 “macaroons” and 1 “wine”. (@pearicaa, @sofiiaroberts, @claffylaffy, @coradowneyy, @jamsted, @buschank, @cm_milroy, @whitney_kueltzo, @jaclyn.tucker, @ryan.leeeee10, @megankianaa, @__emiliaa_, @corinneroliver, @nasimrezai_, @rach.ella, @skylarbriggs, @gef81900, @karinksasaki).
  5. How long would it take to visit every region in France by car? The answers were a bit all over the place for this one people thought, “30 minutes”, “5-6 hours”, “3 hours”, “2.5 hours”, “a couple days”, “weeks”, “2 days to explore and enjoy”, “3 days” and “24 hours” (@pearicaa, @amanda_aguilo, @emilystevanus, @coradowneyy, @jamsted, @whiteny_kueltzo, @_maceeeyy_, @whitney_kueltzo, @xvalencia, @corinneroliver, @skylarbriggs, @karinksasaki). I have to say that yes France is small but not as small as some of you guys think. I think a couple weeks would be most accurate.
  6. What is Paris like? The answer I got the most was “romantic” (@claffylaffy, @nasimrezai_). But I also got a lot of people who said it has to be pretty “touristy” along with “beautiful but a little dirty” (@jamsted, @_kristenmae_, @coradowneyy, @pearicca, @skylarbriggs). I’d say that’s pretty spot on. I don’t think I could stay in Paris for too long. But then again I’ve only really ever been to the center so there’s a lot I haven’t seen. @corinneroliver and _maceeeyy_ assume Paris is just like New York with lights of beautiful lights. Lastly, @savi_perdon thinks it’s a bit “tooo hyped up” for what it is. Which is also what Léo thinks, who is sitting next to me right now as I write this article. He is not a huge fan of Paris.
  7. Is love easier to find in France or in the U.S.? I’m just going to answer this by agreeing with @coradowneyy by saying, “it’s impossible no matter where you are”. Or at least it feels that way. 7 people said that it’s easier to find love in France while 1 said that it’s easier in the U.S. But @emma.waldinger and @pearicaa brought up an interesting point that more people are convinced that it would be easier in France due to the stereotypes about the culture and people. Trust me, due to those stereotypes I thought I would find love right away but look at me I’m back in the states after having been in France for 4 months and found nothing close to love. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think it’s as easy as the stereotypes make you think. @buschank doesn’t even want to think about all of that she just thinks that it’s, “an existential crisis that [she] doesn’t need”. That right there is in independent woman. Preach girl, preach.

Those were the responses that I got from a bunch of my friends here in the states. It was super interesting to compare what people think about different places and cultures before having been. Let me know what you guys think of the answers, I’m curious… Thanks to everyone that responded!

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