Message to the Young (and crazy)

A little bit ago I took a trip to Germany to meet up with a guy that I had met in Porto 3 weeks earlier. Sounds kind of crazy now that I think about it. I kept telling people that I wasn’t going to Germany to see this guy and that instead I was heading there because I had never been to Germany and that he would just happen to be there. But in reality, I have to be honest with myself and everyone that I went to see him and also see Germany. I’m glad I did though because not only was it an amazing week but I also realized some things while I was there.

One of the days, we were sitting at the table eating and listening to music and I started thinking about what I had been doing since September and I realized that most of it seemed crazy. I went to Dublin. I went to Porto on a whim with a girl that I had met at school 2 days before leaving on the trip. I went to Germany to meet up with a guy I had met the first day that I was in Porto. Then I stopped in London for the day to see a family that I had met in Biarritz over the summer and explore the city by myself, with no real plan of what to do. All this I was able to pay for with money I’m making working hard as a bartender. Where I’m learning about something I’ve always been interested in learning and I’m allowed to drink at work (for free!). I drink, I party, I’m going on trips to different countries with people I just meet, I’m loving, dreaming big dreams about the future, having fun and just living life to the craziest (would have said fullest but I didn’t feel the word really captured the essence). When I was thinking all of this I was pretty quiet because I was a bit mind blown. I mean I had been doing all of this stuff without thinking too much. I remember the moments where I was buying tickets. If ever there was a doubt in my head I would think, hmmm… count to three… And then I would click the “buy tickets” button before I even got to three. So, when I actually started thinking about all of it I just thought in my head, “shit, that’s awesome”.

I had always heard stories from my parents, friends of parents, relatives, and more experienced people in general (notice how I didn’t say “older”) about their college and/or young adult days. And whenever I would hear these stories I would feel so inspired to do what they did and really explore the world. I remember thinking, “I want memories like those, I want to be able to tell stories like that.”

The conclusion that I came to while I was thinking about all of this was that, I am doing exactly what I’m meant to do. This is what being young is about. It’s about traveling, meeting new people, loving fearlessly, partying, spending money without thinking, being dumb, talking about the future in a grand sort of way, having big dreams, being emotional, and thinking too much. All these, whether good or bad are more or less what being young is about. Some of these have consequences, in fact I’m feeling the pain of some of those consequences right now. I feel a bit lost. My heart hurts. I’m not really sure where I belong or what I’m supposed to do later in life. I’m not sure what kind of people I should surround myself by and what kind of person I should be with. But so what? Being young is hard as much as it is rewarding when we take advantage of it. And, in the future we will learn from the consequences we endured and become wiser but for now we are young and we should embrace it.

This might not be something new to most of you, maybe some of you have already figured this out and are living life exactly how you want to be but I just figured it out and I needed to write it down. Also I figured, with my experiences if I can inspire any of you to take chances and be fearless then why not share it. It’s been extremely rewarding to me and I recommend whole-heartedly trying things and living life exactly how you want to live it. Even if you’re scared.

Disclaimer: Don’t use this as an excuse to do crazy drugs and almost get yourself killed. That’s not what I mean…

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2 thoughts on “Message to the Young (and crazy)

  1. Hello young fella,

    I’m impressed by your living life style. I live in La Rochelle since 2002, my sis lives in the states and I lived in the UK. I’m French but english language is my fav since I was born as my father was a musicians so the music always played in my house.
    I went to spain barcelona but couldn’t live as I didn’t have the papers and since there is no jobs there they don’t want more foreign people to come.
    I suggest , as you are looking for a time in spain to use Meet up and COuch surfing sites where you will reach more people of your age to find what you’re looking for.
    Great site and keep the good vibe.

    1. Hey Franck! What a small world. Thanks for your advice on Spain, I will definitely check out those sites. Awesome to hear that you like my site, means a lot to me. Good vibes to you too man.

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